Amazon vs Flipkart: The Battle of E-commerce This Festive Season

India, be prepared to witness one of the biggest battles of the year as Jeff Bezos Amazon and Walmart acquired Flipkart online shopping will fight each other to be crowned as the biggest e-commerce management company in India this festive season. The two giant e-commerce companies are gearing up for the biggest promotional sale of the year. With top brands and best deal of the year. It can be a good time for sellers to connect with an e-commerce management services company in order to expand their online presence this festive season.

Both the companies are keen to captivate the customers intent by providing big and attractive sale price and discounts on the variants of products giving the users another reason to celebrate festivals without worrying about the expenses. Walmart owned Flipkart and Amazon India are taking every step possible to make sure they acquire the highest number of customer share this festive season.

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How Fierce is the battle?

The two e-commerce management services giants have already placed an exorbitant amount of orders ever recorded to the vendors on an extensively cheap source price in categories like electronic appliances, smartphones so that they can outlast each other in the e-commerce marketplace which provides the customers with a big reason to celebrate. Amazon and Flipkart have been fighting to be the biggest e-retailers in India for quite a few years with results being favourable for both of them. But this time around it is all about how the brand establishes themselves as the favourite and emerging as the leader of the online market in the leading e-commerce hub of the world (India).

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In July 2018, Flipkart announced its big shopping days sale for the period of three days in order to get the upper hand as it coincided with Amazon’s prime day sale. These e-commerce sales were able to generate a revenue which surpassed almost 4 times the daily budget. It was also able to generate sales of around 15 normal days sale, which aware us about the rivalry between these two companies. Flipkart had offered discounts on various segments from electronics, furniture and books which eventually increased the traffic of the site by whopping 150% during this period and hence making them the dominating winner. Have you ever heard of this kind of battle where the customer is more benefited in a fight between the two commercially targeted company?? Well, this truly signifies “Customer Is the KING”.

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How The Battle is played

From the outer prospects, it may look like the customer is the one who gets the maximum benefit from it. If you’re having the same thought then my fellow companion you have only seen the half side of it. By far, the biggest gainers in this battle are the companies itself. Users or consumers are only the half part when it comes to dominating the e-commerce market while the other less visible but important factor which contributes are the Sellers or merchants. Winning the sellers trust is one of the critical things to be contemplated while dominating the online market. They are the one who supplies the commodity, products and all the necessary goods to companies which marketplace ultimately add in their inventory online.

Sellers,  It’s time to get ready to gain the best out from this battle. Make sure you have loaded all your products online and updated the price points. be ready with sufficient inventories and provide best discounts for the D Day.

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Are you ready for the festive season?

The traditional tried and testing method is also fading out due to the consumer’s behaviour towards the e-commerce management services and retailers. Due to which,  enough opportunities have arisen for online sellers to sell their products online with the help of the e-commerce giants. Walmart’s Flipkart is coming up with the biggest sales of the festive season in order to be a step ahead of Amazon in terms of revenue as well as the product sale. While Flipkart is gearing up to emerge as the biggest face of e-commerce management services in India on the other hand Amazon is also making every possible strategy to be the winner in this year’s festive sale.

Both the companies are leaving no stone unturned to be the leader of the online business marketplace which can bring about massive discounts for the consumers in the coming festive season this year.

Selling products at an expected lower price and acquiring big market volume along with traffic on their sites, is a major task which both of them are looking for this festive season. Customers are also eyeing big offers on brands during this period. They are also looking forward to making digital payments which were rare in the past as it was not considered a safe option due to security reasons. Both the e-commerce are offering lower or no cost EMI rates across the product and great deals on savings. This year electronic products like television, smartphones and household appliance are being considered as the product accounting lowest online prices ever.


Get Ready for Diwali

According to a new report from Red Seer Consulting, both the companies are expected to generate a sale of around $3 billion this festive season. According to the report, gross merchandise value (GMV) generated by the online retail industry could touch in between $2.5-3 billion this year, almost double from last year festive season.

This will also be the first time that Walmart will be part of the Diwali sale after acquiring Flipkart earlier this year. The company will be keen to repeat the success of last year and maintain its position as the top e-commerce company. Amazon will look to prove itself as the company is lagging behind in the race to be crowned as the leading e-commerce firm. Winning the festive season battle this year will be the highest priority for Flipkart and Amazon.

“If you look at the number of people who purchase high-value products during the sale season, it’s gone up significantly over the past few years and will continue to do so. This kind of consumer behaviour was not common earlier,” said Sreedhar Prasad, partner and head of consumer markets at KPMG in an interview to Livemint.

He further added that “The needle is clearly moving from offline to online for a certain subset of customers, who are now more confident of ordering items such as TVs and fridges online. It will be interesting to see how the fight plays out between the top two-three players during the sale season, given that we are going to see a massive spike in online orders during this period”.

Flipkart, on the other hand, will be supported by its partner company Myntra this festive season. Myntra will look to attract customers by offering the discount sale on the various range of clothing and accessories.

The executives of Amazon India will be under high pressure as it will have to solely depend on their sale to emerge as the favourite and turn the tables against Flipkart.

Paytm and Snapdeal will also look to make their presence felt this festive season by offering cost-effective discounts to customers. Paytm never fails to impress its customers by offering cash back and great deals to the customers on the sale of products. Customers can choose from a wide range of products from clothes to electronics from the Paytm mall.

Snapdeal has doubled its sale in the past few months and is considering to extend it this festive season. It is highly preferred by the customers as it offers products at relatively low prices. The company also has its ups and downs but for now, it looks stable and looking forward to flourishing this year.

The e-commerce management services companies will also look for vendors and entrepreneurs to list their products on the marketplaces and build its customer base in the online market.

As more customers preferring online marketplace to purchase goods this year

The e-commerce management services company has to be ready as more and more customers are preferring digital medium to purchase goods. Managing customers will also be a big task which e-commerce management services company has to deal along with order management and order processing.

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Apart from these deals, both the companies have higher expectations from their exclusively available products are also high as both the company has acquired the rights of the most popular tech products available in the online market. They are also looking for more vendors who aspire to launch their business on the digital platform in order to provide customers with every possible option to make their visit a successful one. Almost all popular brands have a niche of launching new products during the festive season and that could provide them with the masterstroke needed to draw consumers on their sites and be the winner of the e-commerce management services battle. Companies like FinPlus acts as helping hand to the seller who wants to explore and grow their business online. FinPlus being one of the leading e-commerce management services provider, connects the vendors digitally and facilitate offline sellers to sell their products on the online marketplaces.

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