Social Media Key Points To Keep Your Brand’s Feed Engaging

In the world of social media marketing, the word “engagement” is the talk of the town, but very few brands actually know how to achieve it. Social media engagement is one of the best ways to grow on digital platforms in 2020. To understand in simple terms, engagement is the number of interactions people have on your pages such as likes, comments, shares, saves, retweets, and many more. Tracking and understanding your social media engagement has emerged to be super important in 2020, now more than ever.

Now days most brands are looking for influencers to partner with, they are giving importance to influencers with high engagement over high follower counts. Engagement leads to the end goal of the brand and deeper connections with your followers which is what you want. All set to see your social media engagement skyrocket? Let’s get to the key points of how to enhance your followers’ engagement towards your brand’s page.

#1 Interact with your audience

As ideators and creators of content, often we indulge our focus in creating the best content and something unique which our competitors would not think of. But what happens after we post that content? And that is where the real work begins! Key point number 1, interact with your audience states that try to reply to every comment, DMs, and story reply that you receive. If people are willing to engage with you, it means they care about what you are posting. Replying to Direct Messages are another way to personally engage with your audience. Take out the time to spend a few hours each week replying to your DMs! These small interactions are truly appreciated by followers. Direct engagement increases brand loyalty and positive word of mouth for your brand or services.

#2 Engaging & storytelling captions

Studies have shown that longer and more thoughtful captions can be beneficial to connect with your followers and foster a higher level of engagement. This doesn’t mean that every post has to have longer captions but a nice occasional storytelling moment can be a great asset for boosting your social media engagement in the long run. People connect more and tend to stay longer in such posts. Think of your social media captions as a way for your followers to get to know you or your brand a little bit better

#3 Make use of new features

Utilizing new features not only drives social media engagement but also makes you stand out from other brands. With a trending social media platform called Instagram, it is a perfect time to explore their new feature called Instagram Reels. One of the major advantages of creating Instagram Reels content is shareability. You can share your Instagram Reels to your Instagram Stories, and with the 15-second maximum running time, your entire video will play during an Instagram Story. Isn’t that great? Having your full video in stories could spark audience interest, enticing the audience to press in to see other content of your page. Instagram Reels placement on the Explore page is super prominent, basically taking up the entire mobile screen. This is different from other previews of videos. Another major advantage of using new features like Reels is the Explore Page placement. Everyone on Instagram, even those who do not follow you, can come across your Instagram Reel.

#4 Grab attention with Video content

One of the dynamic ways for businesses to interact with users and help with decision making in social media is video content. Popular online activities for mobile and internet users are watching videos for music, entertainment, information, and DIY tips. This is because users have more confidence in products when they see a video about them. When done right, product videos encourage consumers to make a purchase, sometimes are educational and popular among mobile users, and shared multifold via social media. As a natural instinct when you are scrolling on any social media platform, you tend to pause on a video to simply see what the video is about. It is no secret that video content is more engaging than photos on social media.

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