Unlock The Power Of Linkedin Marketing To Grow Your Business

Connections!! The only platform that comes to our mind when we hear this term is LinkedIn. It is one of the powerful social media platforms on the Internet today. Many successful brands drive thousands of targeted traffic to their website and services through LinkedIn.

Why is this good for your business? It has over 630 million users and has grown into an asset for corporate marketing teams to source qualified leads for sales. One can argue that there are other social media platforms where you can promote your business, but LinkedIn combines social media interaction in a professional setting. There must be something in this corporate platform that is why over 30 million businesses have their company pages on LinkedIn, which is utilized for accessing the global network of millions of users. So what are you waiting for, let’s jump on the journey of making your business grow successfully through LinkedIn


If you want to reach out to your potential clients through, then the first and foremost the thing you need to do is create a profile on the platform and work in that direction. As per the statistics, LinkedIn members are 50 percent most likely to purchase once they have engaged with a business on LinkedIn.

It’s like saying if you do not have a LinkedIn page for your business, you do not have a corporate identity. Complete profiles on LinkedIn receive up to 2x more visitors than the ones with incomplete profiles. But wait, just having a simple company page is not going to do you any good.  You need to ensure that the profile page consists of:

  • Company logo
  • Company description
  • Website URL
  • Company size
  • Company type
  • Location
  • Industry


Just like posting content on other platforms, if you have just started, you should try posting at least once a week. Sharing content regularly is crucial to reach the potential audience and convert those potential customers into buyers. If you observe the pattern of top company pages on LinkedIn, they are frequently updated to ensure that the visitors have new information every time to learn and share with others. It is not uncommon for businesses to share posts two to three times per day. You need to post anytime you have something worth sharing with others. Consistent posting shows that your business is quite active on LinkedIn.


Your employees and colleagues are the finest resources to grow your network on the platform. As per data shared by LinkedIn, companies that have a strong employee advocacy program are 58% most likely to attract top talent and 20% more likely to retain them. You can tap into their network and expand your reach by adding them as your followers. Also, encourage them to add their position at your company to their profiles.


Being an active member in groups on LinkedIn can help you boost your network with other businesses and professionals in your field. By utilizing the search feature on the top of your homepage, you can discover various groups on the platform. You can also create your own group based on the industry or topic that interests you. For example, if you are a part of any association or a club, then check if it has any members-only group on LinkedIn. These groups can prove to be a valuable source of business development and networking.


To expand your reach, LinkedIn allows distributing your content to professionals using the sponsored content feature. You can use this tool to promote your e-books, articles, and any other form of digital content to the users on LinkedIn directly. Increased content exposure helps you to establish your business as an authority that can be respected and trusted. By following these little factors, you can enhance your business reach multifold

  • Use targeting features such as job titles and skills to show off your content to the kind of professionals you intend to reach
  • Produce content that would appeal to the specific audience you intend to target
  • Use a strong call of action for guiding the users to take the next step
  • Respond to the comments on the posts that you have boosted for increasing engagement with prospective customers
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