Women entrepreneurs and need to go online

Women Entrepreneurs and Need to Go Online

Starting own business is a dream of many women’s in our country, but most of them drop this plan due to various reasons like lack of funds, no support from family and not having proper guidance for their business. But times are changing our government also has made many provisions which make it easy for you to start your own business. There are many successful women entrepreneurs in our country today, also due to technological advancements expanding your business and online selling has become easier as compared to a decade ago.

Why Should I Take My Business Online

Many new startups are emerging day by day, so to keep your business in competition you need to adopt proper marketing strategies, but then again most startups run on a very low budget so taking their business online is just the perfect solution. Not only it is cost effective as compared to the offline medium but also increases your brands reach. Here you are directly connecting with your customers who are not limited to any geographical region.

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It works in two ways:

1. Go Global: Imagine you have started your own business of fashion accessories and you rent a shop in a mall, the customers visiting the mall are the only audience you are going to get, so your profit is dependent on the walk-ins your shop will get. But if you start selling online your audience base increases eventually your sales increases.

2. Branding: Selling a product or a service is one thing, but creating your brand presence is also must in today’s competitive space. Taking your business online will help to leave a lasting impression in customer’s mind, for sustaining in today’s competitive market being visible is very important.

Also Read:  Why Should I Start Selling Online?

Women’s, who became successful by going digital

Women entrepreneurs who have successfully made a transition in the digital platform and are seen as a role model for many women entrepreneurs. Falguni Nayar for starting NYKAA which captures the beauty and wellness market in our country, Sakshi Talwar for Rugs and Beyond which sells handmade carpets and home décor online similarly there are many stories. But not many women entrepreneurs know the power of digital media also they need someone who can guide them to get their business online so they can focus on their core business. The digital platform helps you to understand customers in a better way, it becomes easy to monitor and interpret the buying behavior of your target audience. Acquiring new clients, increasing brand visibility is very difficult without a digital marketing strategy. Also for a small company with a limited budget going digital is the best option to reach a large set of the audience in a short span of time.


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