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The success of E-commerce startups has rendered the good ‘ol brick and mortar businesses obsolete. It has become mandatory for a business to enter the digital space if they want to be successful, which resulted in an extremely competitive market and the number keeps increasing exponentially year after year.

What many see as a problem, we see an opportunity. After all, having numerous competitors truly personifies the demand for a product.

So, how does one penetrate a supersaturated and competitive market?

Read below to know how we did it for this company:

The Company: Kaku Fancy Dresses

With an aim to make your child shine like a star in the sky, Kaku provides all types of costumes for various occasions like school competitions, dance competitions, drama, theater, and other social gatherings.

Having worked with many reputed organizations, schools, and offices, they have carved a niche for themselves.

Kaku wanted to create a presence across multiple online portals. With the growth of e-commerce in the retail industry, there was a huge opportunity to reach more customers not only in domestic but in international marketplaces as well.

The Challenge

– Creating a presence across multiple platforms and carving a niche for them.
– Handle Listings for more than 1500 SKUs portfolio.
– Beating the price competition.
– Leverage regional sales.
– Payment Reconciliations.

What we did

– Created visibility across the right platforms to attract the right set of audience.
– Made sure all content and images were in sync with the product listing under the category.
– Analyzed competitor’s rates and revised the prices to beat them.
– Initiated the premium delivery scheme which delivers the product in one day.
– Created a transparent payment reconciliation system.
– Drove sales with relevant deals, promotions and sponsored ads to push the product among the competition across multiple platforms.

The Final Result

After all the meticulous planning, strategizing, implementation and the overall team effort, KAKU has seen a consistent high-7 figure growth in the last quarter and continues to rise month on month.

With the continuous development of the brand, we at FinPlus have made a substantial difference; improvising on multiple areas such as listings, operations, targeting the right promotions and deal with smooth order management, infringement issues, review management and transparent payments reconciliation delivering positive results to our client.

Do you wish to see similar results for your company?

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