Social Media Hacks for your Business in 2020

Social media profiles used to be a nice-to-have for brands in the past, but now it’s a must-have. A lot has changed in these social distancing times, now social media is more important than before to the success of your business. The higher the number of people you can reach with your campaigns, the greater your chances of success.

In 2020, an estimated 3.8 billion, people are using social media worldwide. It makes perfect sense to look out for social media growth hacks that work for your business.

If you are looking to take the next step in your business then we recommend you go through this article. We’ve put together some of the essential hacks that can be implemented for your business to gain maximum engagement over social media.

Choose Platforms that are Relevant to Your Brand

As a brand, you want to be reaching the right people, but before you create a profile on any social media platform, use your buyer persona and your brand content-strategy to choose the platforms to focus on. You need to find out the platforms where your customers spend their time, this will bring more results in your campaigns. If your content-strategy has more of a video, you’ll need to have a presence on YouTube. But if your content strategy is picture-centric then, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest would be a great idea for your brand to be on.

Revamp Your Social Media Profiles

Your social profiles should make it easier for people to make up their minds about your brand instead of getting them even more confused. If you have contradictory information on your profiles, you are giving your audience a reason to not engage with your brand therefore it is important to ensure uniformity with all the details you put on your social media pages. With just a few improvements, your social media profiles can lead your digital marketing strategy.

Stay Consistent With Your Branding

If you want to become recognized and remembered in order to earn your customers’ trust, you must show up in a way that’s consistent. This ensures visibility and recognition within your target audience groups, so you stay top of mind, if you have a brand personality or brand voice or elements like the color theme and tone, try to maintain it across your social profiles. Brand consistency is the glue that helps people put you back into context.

Share Quality Content

Sharing valuable information can help you keep your audience engaged and also get them to trust you brand. Work on your content strategy to reflect what your audience wants to see. Responding to the pain points of your target audience and sharing relevant content can get you more attention.

Use Hashtags Effectively

Using a hashtag is the best way to get attention to your social media posts. To get the best results with your hashtags, you need to work out what keywords your customers are searching for, using those keywords hangtag into your content can make your post visible to your target audience.

Stay Active on Social Media and Engage Your Audience

The main purpose for you to be on social media is to build an audience and engage with them. If you don’t engage your audience, they will get bored quickly and move on. Social media users love it when brands interact with them. With more interactions, you will retain your existing audience and attract new ones.

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