New Normal Digital Marketing Trends that will be a game changer

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Ecommerce in 2020 is definitely the new normal. It has become the most preferred way to hop and shop in the current times. As a majority of consumers are choosing to interact with brands online, companies should strive to ace up their sleeves and be efficient at the same time. The question arises is how does a business capture customer’s attention in this digitally-driven world? Brands who are eyeing for growth needs to stay updated with the emerging ecommerce trends and adopt the changes that positively impact their business. Let’s put on our thinking cap and understand the most dominating digital marketing trends in 2020 that are grabbing eyeballs and lifting sales for businesses.

Influencer Collaborations are Driving Ecommerce Businesses

With rise in engagement levels of consumers and social media, brands are constantly seeking to expand their reach. Henceforth, the trend of using an influencer to promote a product is at its peak. Whether they post on their YouTube channel, or post on Instagram, Influencers attract a large following by staying on top of trends and discussing about relevant topics. These influencers by developing an online relationship with the target demographic users, have the capability of using their reach to promote your business. Cultivating a strong brand reputation then helps leverage influencer reach, through various methods like discount codes, contests, or giveaways.

Video Marketing Continues to Gain Consumer Attention

One of the dynamic ways for businesses to interact with users and help with decision making in the ecommerce world is video content. Popular online activities for mobile and internet users is watching videos for music, entertainment, information and DIY tips This is because users have more confidence in products when they see a video about them. When done right, product videos are encourage consumers to make a purchase, sometimes are educational and popular among mobile users and shared multifold via social media.

Augmented Reality & Machine Learning is Enhancing Shopping Experience

One of the important benefits of brick-and-mortar (traditional means) shopping is that consumers can browse products up close and generally try things out without having to spend a nickel. However, as people across the world continue to encounter stay at home mandates and business closures, this simply isn’t a possibility in most scenarios. As a result, adding to the already growing ecommerce trend of augmented reality usage, 2020 is witnessing a huge surge in brands adopting AR and machine learning technology.

Voice Search Recognition is becoming an Integral Part

Trending virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri functions on voice technology. Search engines are constantly updating their voice recognition features to improvise user experience. Voice search capabilities are now being incorporated to find answers and to our surprise place orders online.  Voice search is proving to be exceptionally convenient, especially with the hands-free options. Most importantly, it is becoming a more effective, faster and preferred mode of search in 2020.

Customization & Personalization are the New Standard

With advancement of digital and manufacturing technology, consumers are increasingly expecting personalized products. Companies like Amazon and Netflix have created a benchmark when it comes to enhanced user experience and tailored recommendations. Brands are trying to strengthen the user experience by empowering customers to become partners in the product creation process that leads to strong brand loyalty and quick customer retention.

Final Thoughts…

Branding is an art to foster emotional connect with your consumers through various elements like company’s video marketing, messaging, infographics and many more. With a great branding strategy, people will trust your business and want to continue purchasing from it. FinPlus helps you build a brand that outshines and connects with your target audience. Because at FinPlus Business Solutions, we are dedicated to bring your business to the right set of audience with various digital strategies. Over time, we have helped over 300+ brands to consistently improve their E- Commerce presence and, grown their business by minimum of 150% within a span of months. Along with that our passion is to create influencer content for instant visibility through our 200+ influencer network covering each category on platforms like YouTube and Instagram. There is never a right time to start. Begin your journey of building a powerful ecommerce brand with FinPlus that takes your business to new heights.

“If you do build a great user experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful” Jeff Bezos (Founder of

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