Mind Blowing Social Media Hacks To Catapult Small Businesses

Social Media are two such words that have made you either jump for joy or curl in the daunting existence of these networks in a fetal posture in your pajamas. With the advent of technology, it has become impossible for brands to stay ahead of their competitors if they’re not willing to change with the new ways of creating brand awareness across multiple online mediums —the most famous of them being marketing on various social media platforms.

Let’s face it, all these emotions are undoubtedly the reason why you are here: because you enjoy something of social media or just talking throws you into a sweat of fear.

Social media is more important for the growth of the company now, especially during this pandemic which compels us to socially distance ourselves from others. And if you’re working home like others worldwide, then you can’t do business without professionally using social media.

The good news is that, even if you’re not a celebrity, you can always attract more audiences and get more attention to your posts.

Several websites have recognized the challenges that small businesses face during the COVID-19 crisis and have built tools to help them extend their scope across social media.

There are lots of unknown hacks that can upgrade and enhance your business, especially at a time when staying connected to your a virtual community is vital and to use some of these features, you don’t even have to have professional knowledge or be a tech geek to create brand awareness.

So, sit back, relax and read on some of these minds blowing social media hacks we have handpicked especially for you to catapult your business.

Start Scheduling

You may have learned the old saying, “Content is King.” If that is valid, then scheduling should be known as the jester in the Kingdom adding a bit of fun. If you’re someone who would prefer not to be bonded to your phone and posting content manually all day long, then you need a social media management tool for scheduling your social media posts. There are a plethora of apps that allow users to schedule content in advance and to free up time while protecting you from the times you have to manually post.

Hashtag Power

Hashtags are a great way to reach new social media audiences. It’s easy to get carried away and to reach the limit satisfying your exposure needs, but don’t get lost when you’re thinking too far. To ensure maximum benefit, mix it up by using popular hashtags in your industry along with some offbeat niche hashtags to command authority and attract the right set of audience. Remember that hashtags should not be limited solely to your tweets, they must also be added to your organic profile. A cool new feature added by Instagram recently, is the clickable hashtags to your bio, making the profile more searchable.

Promote Blogs on Social Media

Blogs and online articles are a great way to build followers and to engage them. And if you didn’t know about starting one, do it now! Any business has to be consistently uploading material on its website. Publish the post on your social media page to boost traffic to your website. Attempt to schedule any updates about your blog and if possible have a clickable link to your blog (Facebook and Twitter have that option as it allows your fans to quickly locate your posts and boost your blog views – how cool is that!

Collaborate With Various Influencers

It goes without saying that influencer marketing is HOT! (Not to mention quite cheap as compared to other strategies). It’s a unique way of social media marketing that involves a social media celerity (aka influencer) to market a product to its followers. Don’t worry, though it sounds overwhelming, you don’t have to collaborate with a super expensive. Speak to a bunch of social media influencers with a fan following of up to 50,000, to not only get an idea about whether your product or service sells or not but also to dip your feet in the pool before diving into the ocean. One of our clients, JCO is a fine example of a successful influencer marketing campaign, where we collaborated with small-time influencers and delivered a 150% growth result month on month. Yes, you read that right! And mind you, all this was carried out with a shoe-string budget, all from scratch. The key lies in partnering with the right set of influencers who agree to your terms and are passionate about marketing your product to their followers and you’ll be soaring high in no time!

Although there are a plethora of other hacks that can be used, none as useful as these, especially during these times. So, it’s in your the best interest to not bewilder you with the various other hacks to handle your social network. While it may feel like a daunting challenge to remain socially isolated and linked to your friends, introducing any of these hacks to your social networking plan will help you stay engaged and if you’re still not sure on how to go about it,
feel free to contact us.

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