Web Design plug-ins to improve USER EXPERIENCE

Innovative and engaging web design has never more valuable than now. Clean and effective websites elicit longer and lasting impressions and spur engagement, conversion, and retains visitors. A website outshines only when it has a design that incorporates your website’s user experience, functionality, and appropriately complements your content.

It might appear easy to neglect and ignore these things, thinking that these updates are of the lowest importance but a successful website should comprise of both high performing content and an exceptional user experience to have a perfect balance. Put on your reading glasses and let’s look at ways of better user experience a website can have and brand guidelines.

Dynamic Scrolling Dynamic scrolling is one of the modern web design trends for the upcoming year. A classic version of dynamic scrolling sets operates at different scrolling speeds for your site’s foreground and background to give visitors a 3D effect.

1. Customized illustrations

Illustrations basically give life to your brand and website. When it comes to illustrations, modern web design trends for 2021 gets inspiration from print publishing and other traditional art formats. Gone are the days when cookie-cutter stock images were used. Now websites are truly using custom illustrations in their modern web designs.

2. Grid design

Almost all kinds of web designers will continue to explore with grids in the modern era moreover asymmetric layout likely will become even more popular. Tools such as Grid and CSS Grid Layout are a 2D grid layout system for Cascading Styles Sheet, a coding language that describes the layout of an HTML site page. Grid allows web designers to make layouts for complex and responsive web design pretty easily and consistently across all kinds of browsers.

3. Color trends in 2020

Website design consists of a range of color pallets, and with time there is a new trending color for the website. For example in 2018 it was yellow, 2019 blue, and in 2020 it is mint as per the WGSN trend forecasting community.

How can we forget Gradients!! They are a trend continuing from 2019, and designers will likely continue exploring the depths to which they can take the design with gradients. And because gradients cover a range of colors, they are awesome for targeting a broad audience.

4. Bold fonts

Unique web designs will explore even more with fonts in the New Year. Fonts like San-serif and serif fonts are as popular as ever, and vintage type is beautifully making a comeback in branding. Also Outlined type and bold type are highlighted in many places from brand names to landing page headings.

5. Increased focus on UX/UI

Website design has started focusing on human interaction and user experience and it will become even more important in the coming years. Your site’s UX has to be smooth, uninterrupted, and truly engaging. This means fast page loading, little clutter, relevant seo content, and great multimedia.

6. Content-driven and storytelling

Finally, modern websites in the New Year will outshine at telling stories. For your website to turn out into a genuine modern website, it’s important to tell impactful stories in your content and advertising campaigns. With a unique story and engaging website design, your website will surely engage and convert your target audience.

Final Thoughts…

Are you still not happy with your look and feel of your website?

Well, we are here to recreate your first impression. Our Website designers at FinPlus are equipped for creating attractive and catchy designs along with various other advancements like Video Optimization, Image Optimization, Breadcrumb Navigation, Keyword Optimization, etc. These improvements will make the site easy to navigate, very appealing, and search engine friendly which results in more traffic and better conversions. Our team not only sits with you to understand your business goals but put themselves in your shoes and visualizes the end goals too.

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