The only topic which currently bothers people in India (more than anything) is the COVID – 19 virus. No one even had the slightest clue what was expected when this pandemic struck globally, but when it comes to how Indians are shopping, one thing is certain that online retailing will gain popularity and capture the markets like never before.

Ponder over this; practically everything around you is shut, so where are you going to buy stuff for your daily needs? It’s fair to say that most e-commerce business who have been in the game for decades, are prepared to take this challenge head on, while the others struggle to keep themselves afloat.

In the light of this, how can e-commerce businesses cope?

This article is for those e-Commerce businesses that feel vulnerable right now, and are seeking new strategies to stay afloat.

Procure New Leads

Many businesses are going to be focusing on how best to cater to their customer’s needs while they struggle to run their operations; this is the best opportunity for you to build a new network of prospective customers. Invest your time and effort in generating new leads which will ensure that you have a bunch of new potential customers to rely on once things have cooled down. Being courageous enough to procure new leads during such a time, will surely win the trust of your prospective clients.

Add a Twist to Your Services

Globally, the people are being advised to stay at home in order to reduce the spread of this deadly virus which poses serious difficulties to businesses. The case is no different in India as well. Desperate time, calls for desperate measures. Turn this problem into an opportunity, start thinking creatively and brainstorm different ways you can still deliver your products and services to your customers and maintain customer satisfaction. Take for instance restaurants and cafes that have started home-delivery services, special discounts and other incentives and raising the bar for their competitors.

Up Your Marketing Game

Use the current situation and figure out a marketing campaign revolving around it, where your product can be useful to the people, especially if you’re introducing any new service. Another strategy to up your marketing game is to effectively use influencer marketing to promote your product or services; this will be extremely beneficial in increasing your brand’s across various online platforms. Innovation and flexibility is extremely crucial right now, because many people will wonder whether certain businesses are still operational or not.

Are you thinking ahead?

Just because there is an outbreak and people buy your product or service, don’t assume that they will continue to do so after things cool down. It’s important to have strategy in place for what’s going to happen afterwards and how will your business survive, so plan accordingly. When the outbreak ends, fintech companies offering automated solutions will be more successful, and you might have fewer customers left.

Don’t Lose Communication

At a time like this when your staff will be operating from their homes, it’s important that the communication remain as efficient as possible via phone calls, chats and slack channels to ensure a smooth functioning. Maintain constant communication with your employees, motivate them and remind them that things will eventually change and everyone is in this together. Present them with incentives to push themselves and perform better.
That’s all folks. These are the real metrics every business owner needs to track for ensuring a smooth and successful social media presence (which will ultimately reflect on your balance sheet as well).

Although there’s no telling how and when this situation will improve, the most important thing for all businesses is to hold on and not give up. Follow these simple strategies and keep thinking of innovative ways how to serve our customers the best. If you would like to know more strategies, would like to start an e-Commerce business or having a difficult time marketing your products during this pandemic, feel free to contact Us! .

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