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In the world of the digital age, staying ahead of your competition requires one to constantly adapt and experiment with the latest technology and business owners have started focusing on developing a robust website which personifies their brand and reach millions of prospective clients globally.

Today, the customer is more aware than it was a decade ago and buys into the product influenced by various factors including brand name, social media presence, quality, and most importantly customer experience. With multiple brands selling the same product, customer experience is the key to influence a customers buying decision to buy into your brand.

With the new digital age coming into play, delivering the same brick and motor store experience has become so obsolete which poses a challenge as there are no fancy showcases, product displays, product touch and most importantly store assistants whose tone and language personifies the brand image.

We faced a similar challenge in bringing a successful offline brand experience online and this started with a website which is your biggest store and has the maximum reach than any store as there are no geographical boundaries.

After intensive research, customer feedback and more than 20 beta versions, we successfully brought the same brand experience of an offline store on the company website, giving the customer the same brand’s experience across multiple platforms and channels.

Find out how our web development services helped this company.

The Company: Roxx

Roxx is one of the esteemed manufacturers and suppliers of a wide variety of commercial kitchenware. Having gained a reputation over the years, Roxx has earned the goodwill of consistently providing high-quality kitchen equipment with the best craftsmanship using the latest machinery to develop their kitchenware products featuring superior conductivity. Striving towards quality & innovation, they always ensure that their products following International Standards. Redefining lifestyles of millions, they owe their success to their ever-expanding network of dealers across continents which are helping them reach millions across the world.

The Challenge

– Best UI/UX that can match the offline brand.

– Provide users relevant information about the products.

– Enable users to purchase the products and notify the backend from which warehouse the order has been placed which should also be in sync with their internal software SAP.

– Utilize a CMS that can be scalable and flexible.

The Solution

– Utilized the latest version of Magento 2─ a CMS platform we knew had the capability to deliver the specific creative direction and user experience demanded of the website, while simultaneously providing the speed and performance.

– Designed a system wherein the admin can create a warehouse in the backend. The inventory is pushed and pulled through an API that is connected with their internal SAP system. As soon as an order hits, Magento will notify SAP and it will become easier to manage inventory and orders from 1 place only.

The Final Result

– Brought the Offline experience Online.

– Created a website which is mobile-friendly as well for a wider reach, ensuring more website visits.

– Set up a seamless Omni-channel supply chain management system.

– Centralized inventory increasing warehouse efficiency as well.

With the right strategy and plan of action keeping in mind the customer’s requirement were these results possible. With continuous development of the brand, we at FinPlus have made a significant impact; improving on multiple areas such as ensuring visits on the website, improving the loading time, creating a user-friendly experience and ensuring smooth communication between, Magento and SAP for better inventory management.

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