E-commerce Business Solutions: Basics to Start An E-Commerce Business

E-commerce Business Solutions

India is currently one of the largest growing e-commerce marketplaces in the world. The e-commerce market in India has been seen a tremendous growth in the last few years. Some of the key factors which attributed the growth of the e-commerce sectors are the rise in internet usage, online payments, positive customer feedback have been essential in providing e-commerce business solutions.

One of the biggest reasons for the rise of the e-commerce business in India is due to the growth in internet users. The no. of internet users is expected to rise from 450 million to 850 million in the next five years which will further benefit the e-commerce industry.

The popularity of online websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, Jabong etc have further motivated users to utilize e-commerce opportunity to expand their business on these platforms. The e-commerce marketplace has been providing business owners, entrepreneur to establish their brands on the e-comm sites. Customers can see stuff or products online, buy it and get delivered it to their doorsteps without even going places. In the same way, you can also start your online business and sell your products to the customers irrespective of where they are.

Thanks to the introduction of e-commerce tools on social media, all a business or entrepreneurs needs is an account on Instagram and Facebook to start their e-commerce store.

If you are one of them who is looking to venture into an e-commerce business, then we have listed five things which you need to know:

Make Use of  the digital payment

Paypal is pretty much the quickest and easiest payment transfer solution on the Internet today. You don’t have to fill any form unless you’re using it for the first time and a sizeable number of people accept it as their preferred payment method.

However, as 56 percent of people — according to data from Milo — expect that you provide a variety of payment options, you want to make sure that your other payment options are as easy and quick as (or nearly as) PayPal.

When I asked Eyal Lasker, Senior Product Manager of Customer Experience at Klarna, about how checkout processes affect overall shopping experience online, he said:“…there are these long forms to complete with questions that have nothing to do with the action you’re taking, a complete context switch and loss of focus. When I check out in an offline store, the cashier doesn’t ask me for my mother’s maiden name or my first pet’s name; so why do so when I’m buying online? I want to pay and get it over with, I don’t want to create an account or type a password — twice. It should be quick and effective.”

Pay attention to SEO

your business will be heading for trouble if you do not implement SEO techniques and strategy across your website. Make sure you optimize every product and section names to help them turn up organically on search engines. Organic searches are one of the driving forces of sales. Take care to use keywords based on trending searches by customers.

Hiring an expert to do this job is always advisable since SEO requires dedicated and skilled resources. Your business must track audience behavior on search engines to understand audience demands better. You can procure products which you know will sell and also use tags so consumers can discover them easily.

Implementing Social Media Marketing

With 100’s of millions of daily social media users, the social platform is an excellent area to reach potential customers. A recurring presence on social media can help you build your brand, a strong audience base, and a continuous flow of customers. Monitor social conversations and searches related to your business and recognize and capitalize on emerging demands.


A simple name for your E-commerce company

When you pick a name that is simple, it’s easy to stick to people’s minds. When a business name is simple, over time it becomes memorable, easily marketable and ultimately, strong. You definitely don’t want your business to carry a name that’s hard to remember.

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